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Herbal Compress Massage Oil Mud Mask Scrub

Net: 150 ml

Detox Mud Mask

Detox Body Mud Mask
Silt (fresh water pelloid), Sweet Almond Oil, Seamollient, Mineral Water, Tomato Extract, Anise Oil, Cedarwood Oil

Firming Body Mud Mask
Tanakura Clay, Sweet Almond Oil, Seamollient, Collagen, Neroli Oil


Whitening Mud Mask

Whitening Body Mud Mask
Dead Sea Mud, Sweet Almond Oil, Tamarind Extract, Nutmeg Oil, Lemon Oil, Clove Oil








Help to remove dead skin cells & impurities, nourish by providing vitamins and minerals, rejuvenate by refining pores, and stimulate & promote skin's natural glow.



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