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Bath Soak Herbal Ball
(relax, ease of breathing, and reduce stress)

Net: 60 g

Black Sesame Herbal Compress
(adding natural moistures to the skin, increase smoothness and softness)

Net: 130 g

Clove Herbal Compress
(great for sore muscles, stiffness and tensions)

Net: 130 g

Facial Herbal Compress
(improve smoothness, reduce pimples, and increase radiant & suppleness)

Net: 30 g

Foot Soak Herbal Ball
(reduce odor, relax, and refresh)

Net: 20 g

Ginger Herbal Compress
(excellent for joint pains)

Net: 130 g

Lotus Herbal Compress
(ease of breathing, reduce stress, and relax)

Net: 130 g

Nutmeg Herbal Compress
(great for sore muscles, stiffness and tensions)

Net: 130 g

Traditional Herbal Compress
(improve blood circulation and reduce muscles stiffness)

Net: 130 g/ 200 g






- Improve blood circulation
- Alleviate muscle tensions
- Ease of breathing
- Reduce stress
- Relieve muscles stiffness
- Relieve joint pains

Main Ingredients:
Lemongrass, zingiber cassumunar (Phlai), turmeric (kamin), tamarind leaves, kaffir lime skins, kaffir lime leaves, camphor, borneo flakes, galanca, rock salt, and more...

How To Use :
Two body herbal compresses are often steamed before applying against the whole body or the aching area. After one gets cool, another compress is switched to sustain the warm relaxing experience.

For facial, after a warm compress in light rolling motion and scalp massage, dip the compress into a cold water or ice. Squeece an excess water out before applying to the face in order to close & tighten the pores



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