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Soy Bean Milk Body Lotion Soy Bean Milk Bath & Body Wash Everyday Shower Polisher Soy Bean Deep Conditioner Soy Bean Moisturizing Shampoo



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Pimm Flower Collections

Everday Shower Polisher Everyday Shower Polisher
Softly exfoliate, remove dead skin cells and impurities, balance the natural moisture levels, stimulating blood flow, and retain the skin's healthy and natural glow.
(320 Bht)
Soy Bean Milk Bath & Body Wash Soy Bean Milk Bath & Body Wash
Gently cleanse skin, maintain the natural moisture levels, whitening, leaving it soft, healthy looking, and smooth.
(275 Bht)
Soy Bean Body Lotion Soy Bean Milk Body Lotion
Incredibly moisturize, soft, refresh, nourish, and the sweet aroma will give you a pure relaxation while tenderly scenting the skin.
(295 Bht)
Soy Bean Moisturizing Shampoo

Moisturizing Shampoo
Delicately cleanse & moisturize the hair, revitalize & refresh the scalp plus making the hair soft, shine, strong, and gently scented.
(220 Bht)

Soy Bean Deep Conditioner

Deep Conditioner
Deeply moisturize and condition the hair & its root to promote the it's softness, smooth, natural glow, strong, and ease of hair styling.
(220 Bht)

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