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Pimm is a sister business line with Pimmalai Spa, locating in Bangkok, Thailand. We innitially started up our Pimmalai in March 2005 and later expanded our business to include our Pimm products in early 2006, primarily for an in-house used at our spa and later expaned for end-consumers and home spa.

Our collections include::
Fruit: Spa:
- Everyday Shower Polisher
- Foam Burst Shower Mousse
- Moisturizing Hand Wash
- Soothing & Cooling Gel
- Triple Rich Hand & Body Custard
- Whipped Body Lotion
- Body & Foot Scrub
- Herbal Compress
- Massage Oil
- Mud Mask
- Soy Bean Shower Polisher
- Soy Bean Milk Bath & Body Wash
- Soy Bean Milk Body Lotion
- Soy Bean Moisturizing Shampoo
- Soy Bean Deep Conditioner

We have exported our products to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Russia, and Iceland.

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