Back & Shoulder Massage
Back & Shoulder Massage

1 hr / 300 Baht

1.5 hr / 450 Baht

Back & Shoulder Massage w/ Lemongrass Balm 1 hr / 450 Baht

A medium to strong massage with palm & thumbs pressure is applied for relieving tensions in the upper and lower back muscles, shoulder and neck area. Guests usually face down while having massage.

For massage w/ Lemongrass balm, a menthol-based lotion is used to stimulate tired and sore muscles and better promote blood circulations. A balm will give a hot and cool sensations and excellent for people who sits in front of the computer all day!!

* For each massage session, 5 minutes extra are set-aside to your session for you to unwind and enjoy a warm foot bath and a soothing ginger herbal drink.

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